17.-18. November 2018 Vienna, Austria

Provocative ChangeWorks™

Level A Seminar with Nick Kemp
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Provocative ChangeWorks™

Level A Seminar with Nick Kemp


This weekend is an opportunity to learn the approaches that make up the Provocative Change Works™ and classic Provocative Therapy strategies as created by Frank Farrelly.

These skills are highly effective in personal development, therapeutic intervention, coaching and business contexts. There will be lots of interactions and the teaching will focus on developing skills and how to integrate these skills into measurable and practical outcomes.

Here are some of the things we will be learning during these two days:

  • Identifying and utilizing the 27 Provocative Icon cards for accelerated provocative change
  • Exploring the "Full Representation Hypnotic Inductions" to change client "stuck states" to fluid states
  • Time Framing client sessions - how to create a feedback loop for the client while working in the "here and now"
  • Practising the PCW exercises to develop multi-level sensory awareness and exquisite state control during client sessions
  • Learning the art of exploring and challenging metaphors, for accelerated results in coaching, therapeutic and business situations
  • Working one on one with Nick Kemp as demonstration subject (limited opportunities due to time considerations)
  • Discussing PCW model with different client cases and commonly occurring patterns
  • The importance of correct “manner” in client interactions and the ethical use of “provocation” in private practice

The workshop is credited as a training course for LSB, mediators and as special seminar for the NLP&NLPt-Professional Master Practitioner diploma course.

Nick Kemp

Nick Kemp has been involved in communication and training for over thirty years.
In 1980s he worked in sales and marketing running a number of highly successful startup multi million pound businesses in the UK.
In 2000 he began to run trainings for the business and personal development.

The common theme throughout his all work is “problem solving” and “creative solutions” whether this is in a business, coaching, training or therapeutic context.

In 2005 Nick started developing the Provocative Change Works (PCW) model to communication and has used this approach to work with international athletes, TV personalities, medics and creative artists. The inspiration for the PCW model of communication came from Nick’s extensive work with Frank Farrelly the creator of Provocative Therapy.

Nick’s Private Therapy and coaching services can be found: www.nickkemptraining.com

Nick Kemp
Provocative Changeworks
About "PCW"

Provocative Change Works™ consists of three approaches to shift clients from “a stuck state” to a more fluid state, allowing for greater freedom and choice. This conversational way of working requires the practitioner to pay close attention to client responses, whilst maintaining their own excellent state control

These three approaches are:

  • Provoking or stimulating client responses by verbal and non verbal interactions
  • Using non-specific or indirect Hypnosis and metaphor explorations – to create “fluid states” for the client. Eliciting and challenging metaphors
  • Time Framing - Promoting new ways of moving through time and space

The practitioner deliberately provokes (calls forth responses from) the client by adopting different discrete stances, which stimulate the client into new ways of thinking and feeling. The practitioner seeks out resistances in the client and then approaches most what the client seeks to avoid in the discussion, and identifies the client’s “blind spots”, using a great deal of humour and by working in an improvised manner. This means “running suggestions up the flagpole” and seeing if the client responds. The practitioner creates the movement in the session and can be talking for large sections of the interaction which is very different to many other talk therapy approaches. Great use is made of “sensory rich language”, and the full expression of this, to engage the client, and thus take them on a journey outside their existing beliefs and experience, to a new sense of freedom.

Many witnessing this style of working can be initially quite surprised at the amount of energy, fun and honesty that results from this approach. This makes the client session very much like any interaction between old friends where each person may interrupt the other, tease the other, wander off the point and behave in other ways which typify such encounters. This apparent freedom is of course underpinned by all the ethical and professional principles of good clinical practice. The benefit of this is that one can have warm caring and human interactions, which enables the client to find their own solutions from a new and useful state.

More about PCW: provocativechangeworks.com

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Nina Ray Coach, NLP-Practitioner
Ron Windauer, MSc NLP-Trainer, Mediator, Coach
DI Dr. Leila Kathai NLP-Practitioner

Joseph Kao Clinical Hypnotherapist
Doug O'Brien NLP-Trainer, Certified Hypnotherapist
Margret Mara Hypnotherapist, Coach

Provocative intervention is a great tool and very universally applicable not only as a mediator, coach and therapist but also as a leader, negotiator, dad and much more!!
Paul LangLSB, Mediator, Coach
Very exciting how quickly provocative interventions can change emotions ... I have not laughed so much for a long time! Thank you!
Amalia GhitaHuman Energizer
... from my practice: Clients laugh heartily after a successful "provocative intervention" and think that this is exactly why they appreciate me as a coach and come to me!
A really great work tool!
Mag. Catharine ReichelLSB, Mediator, Coach
Kolpinghaus Wien Zentral